For more than 100 years, the most powerful food and beverage companies have relied on cheap land, labour and processed ingredients to produce low-cost, sugary products, often environmentally damaging and nutritionally poor. 
We are entering a new paradigm, where the tide is turning and the consumer has spoken. Over the past 20 years, sales of full calorie soft drinks have declined by more than 25%, and in the past 3 years there has been a 600% rise in the number of people identifying as vegan.
What if there were an opportunity to start from scratch, with agility in product development, with no legacy brands conceived in a different age? With a philosophy around only bringing products to market that are plant-based, refined sugar free and nutritionally considered. Where customers had such implicit trust in the company values that they no longer had to dissect back-of-pack small print to carry out their own research and validation.
It is our belief that plant-based eating is one of the key tools that we must use to tackle global environmental and health problems. And furthermore, that being socially responsible goes hand-in-hand with supporting the financial, mental and physical health of all stakeholders in our company - from suppliers, to investors, to customers. 
This is why social and environmental responsibility is part of our DNA, from sourcing to packaging, nutrition to impact, whilst of course always innovating great taste experiences. 
All of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable! 
At our cafe, wherever possible we use home compostable packaging and cutlery from Vegware and LondonBioPackaging. We operate a recycling scheme for food waste, recyclable waste and industrial composting with First Mile, and run a Keep Cup discount scheme to encourage customers to bring their own coffee cups. 
The majority of our wholesale products are also in home compostable packaging, including our Granolas, Pronuts and snack range. Where compostable is not possible, we always use BPA-free recyclable plastic. 
We endeavour to work with small independent local suppliers wherever possible, from Volcano Coffee Works which ethically trades directly with farmers and roasts in London, to Rare Tea Company, whose teas are grown organically and sourced directly from small estates, to bean-to-bar London-based artisanal chocolate producer Lucocoa, whose chocolate features on our Pronuts and in much of our snack range. We also use premium organic product where possible, including ceremonial-grade organic ‘Green Velvet’ matcha from Lalani & Co, special-grade organic acai from Gaya, and our signature organic raw cold-pressed juices are made with rescued ‘wonky veg’, largely locally grown at Langridge Farm before being pressed here in London. 
For every £10 you spend with us, we will plant 1 tree and help protect 5 others! 
Raw Press has partnered with Almond to gift its customers trees! 
At the heart of our sustainability journey is the need to reduce and balance our footprint. We want to share this journey with our customers. By signing up to the Almond app, each time you buy from us in-store or online we’ll gift you trees, to help you to become carbon balanced.
Almond’s goal is to empower 100 million people and businesses to become carbon balanced by 2030. 
We’ve started our journey and want to take you along with us. 
Sign up to Almond to get started - https://a.almond.org/links/RawPress