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Immunity Support Juice Bundle


This bundle is full of immune supporting products, with a mix of vegetable juices, fruit-based juices and shots, to be drunk alongside your normal routine to give your immune system an extra boost. 

4 x 250ml Super Green juices - Dark green vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, which is the precursor to Vitamin A, an essential nutrient needed for eye and skin health as well as immunity. 

4 x 250ml Citrus Juices - This zesty, feel good flu buster is chock full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids to keep you humming. Grapefruit gets rid of unwanted cellular junk due to its high vitamin C and lycopene content, whilst thyme supports the immune system. 

6 x 60ml Happy shots - With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help boost your immune system, it will help ward off harmful bacteria.

6 x 60ml Boost shots - Baobab contains 6 x the vitamin C of an orange! High in vitamin C and antioxidants, Baobab is nature's remedy for a strong immune system. Ginger is great for our immune systems too and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

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