What The Flax!? Know Your Seeds

Carried around in one’s spice belt, any self-respecting gourmand must be equipped and familiar at all times with the hundreds-and-thousands of the salad world, otherwise known as seeds! These little embryonic bundles must be carried with you at all times and thrown recklessly upon any plate of food that you can find. As you do so, reflect upon L.M. Montgomery’s following quote and take some time to philosophise as to whether we are in fact God’s croutons; "When I ponder on them seeds I don't find it nowise hard to believe that we've got souls that'll live in other worlds. You couldn't hardly believe there was life in them tiny things, some no bigger than grains of dust, let alone colour and scent, if you hadn't seen the miracle, could you?”  

People may well frown in your general direction as you reach deep into your garnish pouch, but it is your responsibility to ignore such mockery and educate others in your nomadic and carefree approach to improvisatory dining. This guide below will act as your compass. 

PUMPKIN SEEDS: Pumpkin seeds are a great staple for a vegan diet. One serving offers almost 10 grams of protein, nearly 20% of the daily recommended dose for women. If you can’t afford to make a real pumpkin head for Halloween, the seeds are a great alternative. Simply glue 7 seeds into a face (2 for eyes, 1 for a nose, 4 for a curved mouth) onto a piece of scary-looking paper, stick it onto your front door and shine a torch onto it. Trick-or-treaters are bound to be surprised and impressed by your initiative, frugality and healthy lifestyle. 

HEMP SEEDS: If you hang around with hippie juice drinkers too long, before you know it you may end up in a tie-dye T-shirt sitting around in a field, swaying to Captain Beefheart and being coerced into taking part in a shamanistic drugs ritual. At times like this, hemp seeds are the perfect way to convince your new druggy friends that you are in fact a ‘far out’ cannabis experimentalist, whilst you are actually safely saying no to peer pressure and meanwhile taking on a rich source of Omegas, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds have a light, nutty flavour and although they are from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L), hemp is a completely different species from its psychoactive cousin and has no drug value! 

CHIA SEEDS: As I’m sure you’re well aware, pretty much anything with a permeable membrane and higher solute concentration will expand when wet. Chia seeds are of course no exception. When at the pub, what better way to avoid a calorific pint by instead saying ‘chias’ as you down a healthy chia pot, a refreshing dessert made with these fibrous and calcium-tastic seedlings. Here is a Raw Press recipe our lovely chia pudding:

Makes 300g:


Soak all of the following ingredients the night before breakfast!


- 250ml Almond Milk or Rice Milk

- 30g Chia Seeds

- 1/2 tbsp Maple Syrup

- 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract


Then add berries, coconut flakes, nut butter or any of your new favourite seeeeeds!

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