All About Calendula

Calendula is easily recognisable with its beautiful orange yellow sunset colour with petals reaching out like the sun rays. Either the whole flower tops or just the petals are collected between June to September. This beautiful sunny flower is often used in vegetable gardens to protect crops from aphids .

In India, Calendula is used traditionally in wedding ceremonies to symbolise passion and fertility. They also represent serenity and this is why they adorn many holy statues in offerings of thanks and love. In the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane the Mayday festival, the flowers are used as a symbol of protection and to celebrate the suns life giving energy.

Calendula is a great vulnerary meaning its one of the best herbs for the skin. It helps to promote cell renewal, and acts as an antiseptic, anti fungal and works wonders on burns and sores that are hard to heal as well as soothing and hydrating dry tired skin. We have used sun infused organic Calendula in our Herb infused body oil to keep the skin protected and working at its most optimum as an immune system and eliminative organ.

Internally Calendula helps to ease tummy complaints such as tummy upsets ,cramps and indigestion, it helps as an emmenagogue helping delayed menstrual flow and works well to assist in boosting and supporting our immune system.

Please note: Always consult a herbalist before using herbal remedies internally if you’re taking prescription medication or if pregnant or breast-feeding .


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