5 Reasons Why Health and Wellness Have Gone Mainstream

In the beginning, it was cool to be seen drinking green juice and sporting Stella McCartney’s latest activewear collection. The good news for those still making the investment is that it’s still really cool to be healthy. However, Londoners are simultaneously realising that good choices for body and mind are worth adopting as long-term lifestyle choices. It’s why green juice is going mainstream.

welltodo London’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Armes, shares 5 reasons why kale and kicks are symbolic of a bigger shift in lifestyle choices for everyday Londoners.

1.    The flow-on effect

We want to feel good, that’s the whole point. Green juice doesn’t work on its own, which is a lesson learnt in time. It’s also the reason why so many Londoners are now tapping into a more holistic approach to health and wellness. We’ve discovered that green juice is best served with a side of high intensity interval training or a yoga chaser. More of us are realising that cashing in on a juice cleanse works best when we’ve also re-evaluated the importance of healthy relationships, having a job we enjoy, setting new fitness goals and getting more sleep. Investing in one area of our health and fitness (like drinking cold pressed juice) causes flow-on effects and we begin to make great feel-good choices in other aspects of our lives.

2.    Dressing up leads to showing up

It’s 6am and it’s dark outside. You’re sitting on the edge of the bed, still somewhere between the realm of sleep and wakefulness, mentally slamming yourself for booking in to that 7am sweat sesh. The hardest part at this point is getting your kit on. From the moment you’ve tied the laces of your new neon trainers, it’s smooth sailing… you’ve committed. What helps here is making an investment in new activewear; and London is bursting at the seams with new and funky fitness apparel. Having a wardrobe full of lycra will make you a fitness enthusiast. The mantra more Londoners are adopting? ‘Get up, dress up, show up’. It means… get out of bed, put on something you feel good and look great in, and show up for your session.

3.    Positivity from community

There is a lot to be said for spending time with like-minded people, and as the audience for wellbeing grows – Londoners are making friends and swapping digits over a juice or dead lift. You need only to scroll your Instagram feed to realise that London has a flourishing community of health and wellness devotees. Insert a few motivational quotes into the mix and you’ve found yourself a fit fam. Spinning is the new Friday night social, we’re booking into Saturday morning yoga classes, and we’re arranging Sunday brunch at the newest healthy hotspot. 

4.    Spend now save later

So it’s an expensive lifestyle, that’s a common interjection. A lot of people forget how expensive healthcare is later in life when you didn’t invest in cleaner and greener from day dot. More and more people understand the trade off. Spend now, save later. Buy wholesome, nutritious, vitamin-packed superfoods now and prevent the build up of toxins found in cheap, crappy food, in your body that potentially lead to all sorts of problems down the track. We’re ditching the junk and splurging on sugar-free; because frankly, our bodies are worth it.

5.    Fitter is funner

Let’s be honest, feeling fit and well is a lot more fun… especially as summer rolls in. We’re finding more boutique fitness studios popping up that we love and want more and more of… be it a kettle bell class, a Barry’s Bootcamp style workout, or a hot yoga session. Gone are the days of the wasted gym membership or fitness as a chore – if you’re not enjoying it, it’s time to try something new, like Crossfit or barre. A new wave of Londoners are realising that feeling fit means getting more done, feeling better about yourself and having a whole lot more energy.

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